Be Au Sm and Joshua Peach


Twenty-seven years ago on my 16th birthday, my mother dropped me off at the local Shaw’s supermarket to apply for a job. I landed the job of bagger/carriage wrangler and quickly learned how important customer service is to an individual’s shopping experience. The smiles and services provided by the employees were just as, if not more, important than the items on the shelf or competitive pricing the store offered. At 17 years old I was named the Employee of the Month for three months in a row. Although there have been the expected bumps in the road that two plus decades of working brings, for the most part I have carried the idea that a positive attitude can change an entire day. 

For the last fifteen years I have been a part of a dream team at Dude Solutions, Inc. I spent the first twelve years in sales, starting out as a client representative and eventually becoming a National Strategic Sales Leader. Three years ago my role transitioned and I became the first Corporate Evangelist at Dude Solutions. I have the pleasure of speaking to tens of thousands of people and the ability to attempt to make a positive impact on as many of those people as possible. Along with my speaking engagements for Dude Solutions, I am in the process of releasing a weekly podcast as well as a book titled “Be Au Sm: The Essential Elements to Kicking Ass”.